Challenge 10/21

      This program is aimed to last for the next decade, covering 10 major themes, one each year, addressing global issues of the 21st century. We aim to inspire the delegations to propose viable solutions for each theme, which are going to be implemented, with the help of a manifesto created at the end of each edition, in their schools, cities and countries to shape our future and change our world for the better.

      The program is intended to be a model, creating a legacy that will bring to the next generations a different understanding of their power to make a change, through education and leadership.


The Vision

The 21st century is in the hands of the youth, who have the power to determine the path this world is going to take. Our goal is to identify and understand the challenges of today and share different perspectives, in order to find the key to a brighter future.
Challenge 10/21 is a call for students to become actively involved in their own education, making a difference, and inspiring others.

If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.

Azim Premji

Erik Birinyi


Ilinca Avram

General Manager

Daria Perneș

PR manager

Sarah Suciu

HR Manager

Fabiana Pocol

Lili Moiș

Irina Cuc

Irina Ghițuică

Alexandra Esca

Teodora Miron

Sarah Kocsis

Ioan Pristavu

Diana Mihai

Maria Vădan

Daniel Bega

Stefan Apostol

Sergiu Ciavoi

Razvan Balta

Catalin Buzdea

Mihai Stefan

Ana Muresan

Edi Tuns

Nicol Miron

About Transylvania College

A rapidly growing school, which more than doubled its student body in the last five years thanks to its excellent reputation, Transylvania College, The Cambridge International School in Cluj offers a unique multicultural learning environment in Romania; the children enrolled here, together with the teachers and staff represent 34 nations, from 6 continents.

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